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      Safety is Our #1 Priority - For you and your customers

      Amazing Colors' inks are crafted by industry experts, formulated by artists, and backed by some of the world's most renowned tattoo professionals. Our top priority, after experimenting, studying, and perfecting our colors, was and still is the safety and effectiveness of our inks for our customers and their clients. With a significant amount of time, effort, and money invested into researching and developing Amazing Colors, we pride ourselves in being one of the safest and most reliable ink brands available in the world. All of our Inks are sterilized by gamma radiation as well as produced and packed in a clean room to meet global health criteria and to guarantee absolute microbiological safety.

      Proudly Made in the USA.

      Formulated, bottled, and packaged to be shipped - all in-house here in the United States. Our goal is to create and present a product that we are proud of. With in-house sourcing of raw materials, an experienced, well-trained team and regular quality inspections, the process in producing and examining our inks and pigments before we ship them is methodically detailed and extremely rigorous to ensure quality control and the highest level of safety for our customers.


      Establishing a Strong Foundation

      Black ink is by far the most widely used color and the foundational element of most tattoos, which is why it made perfect sense for us to start with creating the best black ink for any job. The first ink ever developed by Amazing Colors was the Amazing Black - a black ink that could be used for almost any tattoo, offering a range of possibilities as one of the darkest, smoothest blacks in the business and the perfect solution for crisp, sharp linework. In improving our black inks, we made sure to stick to the basics, understanding that a solid foundation was needed in order to expand to new, bolder colors.


      Driven by Culture

      We take customer and client safety to new extremes. We're driven to improve and innovate, creating a product that will last the test of time. It's all about quality over quantity, safety over profitability, and the effectiveness of our inks overall. This is exactly why we care so much about what we do. Amazing Colors was built by those who value the art and by those who demanded higher quality products. Our formulation for success has always been driven by the culture of this industry and the people who have supported it. Amazing Colors has and always will be made by artists for artists around the world.

      The Pursuit of Perfection: Crafting the Most Optimal & Secure Bottle

      The Best Pigments or Nothing

      Bright colors that stand the test of time. To turn great ideas into a reality, sitting and waiting won't cut it; you need action. We wanted to create some of the brightest, boldest colors that will last and shine vividly after years. We made sure to do our due diligence in researching, testing, and understanding the necessary steps it takes to produce incredible inks that make incredible tattoos. Strip down every thing and at the core of it all is the fundamentals - the pigments that allow the artist to craft masterpieces off of and to create something extraordinary.

      Bringing the best pigments to life is a comprehensive, sophisticated process that we give serious thought about. If you take Amazing Colors and boil it all down to its near essence, dissecting the composition of our inks, you'd find true pigments that were skillfully manufactured with a mixture of quality and safety. Creating the best pigments starts with research. With a hired team of chemists, scientists, and toxicologists, we began with the basics, beginning at the molecular level to ensure that our formulas were up to par. From there, we crushed and processed pigments, transforming it into liquid form with consistent formulas. After it's all said and done, our goal has and always will be to create a superior ink, while also making sure our pigments are easy to use for our artists. When it comes to crafting the best pigments, our priority is to concentrate on the long term. Most of the pigments nowadays will look fantastic and fresh when first applied, but after healing and over the course of a few years, the colors will begin to fade. With Amazing Colors, that will never be the case. Our inks are designed and tested to stay bright and vivid for years.